Why do we wear our Wedding Ring on the finger we do?

If someone was to ask you what finger your Wedding Ring goes on, you’d probably be able to tell them, but do you know why it is that finger that it is worn on?

The story of wearing your Wedding Ring dates back as far as the Romans as they believed that the vein in the ring finger ran directly to your heart. Because of this belief, they called this vein “Vena Amoris” or the Vein of Love. They would place the ring on the finger that housed the Vein of Love to signify the romance that the newly married couple shares, solidifying a union based on love.

Although this dates back to ancient times, modern-day studies of Biology now suggest that all of your fingers have vein connections to the heart, so it’s up to you as to which finger you would like your Wedding Ring to sit on!

Tradition might be that you wear your Wedding Ring on your left hand however many countries wear them on the right – some even used to say that it was unlucky and unclean! Norway, Germany, Poland, Russia and Austria are just some of the countries to wear them on the right!

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