What is a promise ring?

There is much confusion between the difference in promise rings and engagement rings, but both have material and emotional differences. You give or get an engagement ring when you want to spend the rest of your lives together, however the reasons for giving or getting a promise ring can vary.

History of promise rings

The idea of promise rings dates back several hundred years. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans had a version of a promise ring, known as a betrothal ring, as a way of keeping someone in your mind constantly.

In the 1700’s lovers gifted each other ‘posy rings’ that were engraved with romantic poems, and in the Georgian and Victorian eras ‘Acrostic rings’ that spelt out a word in gemstones were popular.

It’s only in the past decade that promise rings have become a mainstream trend, with multiple celebrities and public figures seen wearing them.

Symbols of a promise ring

The symbol of a promise ring is highly individual and personal to the couple, but most often it represents love and commitment. Many wear them as a promise to one day get engaged whereas others simply wear the rings as a means of reflecting devotion to one another. They can also be as purity rings and represent a pledge of abstinence.

Promise rings can also be exchanged between friends as a forever friendship pledge or parent and child. There isn’t any set rules, it could be pledge to yourself, a religious figure or someone else.

Design & wearing

The look of the ring is typically smaller and subtler than engagement ring but there are no rules. A more affordable option for promise rings is sterling silver or 9ct gold but can be made personal by incorporating birthstones to connect the couple or a heart shaped stone may be used to represent love or friendship.

To add more emphasis to the promise, engravings can be added -the date or personal words – to make the ring more meaningful.

It is again up to the couple to choose what finger the promise ring is worn on. Some prefer to wear it on their left hand to not confuse with an engagement ring, while others like to wear the ring on the wedding finger and when they receive an engagement ring move the promise ring to the other hand. Another option some choose id to wear it around their neck on a chain.

Whatever the reason you want to give or get a promise ring, make it even more special by designing it with us here at The Goldsmithy. We will handcraft your design and even invite you in to have a go at making it.

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