Recycle your Jewellery

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Here at The Goldsmithy we actively promote recycling of sentimental jewellery. If you have jewellery sitting in the back of your drawer that’s just not your style, our team are here to help you design and create a piece you will love to wear once again.

Family heirlooms being passed through generation to generation used to be a common occurrence, but times have changed and so have people’s styles! This is why it can also be a great idea to restyle your family heirloom – or even redesign it with that special person if you’re going to pass it onto another family member.

We can re-use the metal from your unworn but loved pieces to handcraft something bespoke – something you will cherish for many years to come just like we did for the Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold Bespoke Pocket Watch Pendant. Read the full story of how this piece came together.

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