July Birthstone: Ruby

July babies! Did you know your birthstone is Ruby? It is a very interesting gem so here are a few facts, so you can get to know your birthstone a little better!

It has a very exciting history!

According to the bible, the Ruby is the symbol of beauty and wisdom while Indian folklore say that royalty would gift Rubies to their enemies to give them peace! In the Victorian-era, jewellers were known to combine the garnets with a pinkish, red glass which would simulate the luxurious look of a real Ruby. They were sold as less-expensive jewellery to those who couldn’t afford the real stone!

How is the value of a Ruby calculated?

The value is measured by its colour, the deeper the shade of red, the more precious and expensive the ruby is considered to be. However, similar to diamonds, the cut, clarity, colour and carat are all considered in pricing. Each Ruby is assigned a gemological certification that qualifies its characteristics.

What is the meaning?

A pure red ruby is considered to be a symbol of true and everlasting love. Rubies are often exchanged in an engagement ring to proclaim total devotion and love.

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