The Goldsmithy has an exciting position available at their workshop in Cranfield, Bedfordshire. We are looking for a new team member to join us as a self-employed Goldsmith.

We pride ourselves on the original methods used to create bespoke pieces of jewellery. To maintain the high level of craftsmanship which our customers love, the ideal candidate must have at least 5 years of professional full-time training (Apprenticeship), be familiar with all precious metals, be prepared to learn and develop as a Goldsmith, taking productive criticism on board. We pay meticulous attention to detail so getting it right is essential to put The Goldsmithy name to it!

This is a unique industry with many specialities. Founder, Glenn Chapman was trained as a small worker and learned mounting alongside it. His son and apprentice, Paul Chapman is getting a duelled one to one learning experience.  We are the grubby handed makers of jewellery and leave setting and engraving to the other specialists. In our experience, you tend to stay in one field.

Where we specialise in bespoke handmade jewellery, each piece tends to be very different from the last so we design with practicality in mind, and rely on own training to create something that will last. We cannot stress this enough as if a piece of jewellery isn’t made in the correct way it shows and beauty is in the small details. We make all our own components and do not use castings.

We are offering 1-2 days’ worth of work per week on a freelance basis. You will have full access to all of the machinery and tools at The Goldsmithy with a bench – but your own hand-tools will be required.

Salary: (Dependent on experience)
Newly Qualified: £10 – £12 per hour
Fully Experienced – £20 per hour

The bench will be available to rent for the remainder of the week for £300 per month – you will still have access to, and be able to use all machinery and tools.

We enjoy making one-off interesting pieces that you won’t find in the named shops, so if you would like to join them and keep the originality of this trade alive, contact us by email at info@thegoldsmithy.com.