Why go to the jewellers when you can get something bespoke?

In the market for an engagement ring? Looking for the weddings bands of your dreams? Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for some special jewellery. Whatever the occasion, at The Goldsmithy, we offer bespoke jewellery design service to meet your needs and aim to bring to life the design you’ve been dreaming of.
But understandably, you probably have one question on your mind – why don’t I just go the local jewellers?

We’re sure you can find something that matches your vision fairly closely if you shopped around enough jewellers. But why should you come to us? Won’t the process take longer? Won’t it cost more? Bespoke jewellery doesn’t need to be as scary as it sounds. Really, it can literally be whatever you make of it. Your design can be worked around a specific occasion, a specific piece of jewellery, or even a specific budget.
And if we’re being honest, there are so many things that set bespoke jewellery apart from mass-produced jewellery. Here are a few examples…

Know the story of your jewellery
If you buy from a jeweller, you’ll simply choose what you like and take it home. But when you have something bespoke designed for you, you’ll know more about your jewellery. We’ll tell you about the metal, the stone, and where they’re sourced. You have the choice to use your own stone if you’re interested in remodelling an old family heirloom for example.
But if not, we have a very close relationship with our stone setters, based in Hatton Garden, where your stones will be ethically sourced from a stone trader. Stone setting is very intricate work, and we work with someone extremely experienced in this area to ensure your jewellery is the best it can be.
We can even tell you all about the metal your using, whether it be facts about the metal itself or guiding you through how it’s made. You’ll be surprised how interesting jewellery can be!

There’s nothing quite like the quality of bespoke jewellery
We make each and every piece of jewellery we design individually with care, never straying from the initial design concept, and aim to make sure each customer leaves with a smile.
At a jeweller, as beautiful as the jewellery may be, they’re normally made on mass from one mould. Sadly, jewellery made like this is less likely to last as long as there’s more margin for error. There’s nothing quite like having something made lovingly and carefully by hand.

We’ll work to your budget as well as your vision
We understand that bespoke jewellery sounds like something that’s going to cost more. While this can be the case, it entirely depends on the design. If you have a budget, we’ll listen to that and do our best to work around it – this can sometimes mean adjusting the design but we always make sure you’re happy with it before going ahead.
If you’re considering the fact that a normal jeweller might save you some money, remember that there are much fewer man-hours involved and you may end up being sold something for more than you necessarily need to spend anyway, as the bigger sale is usually their goal.
We wouldn’t want you to pay more for less, we just want to make sure you get the highest possible quality for your budget and leave with a piece of jewellery that fits both the purpose and your vision.
We don’t work out of commission, we work out of passion.

You may not have heard of The Hallmarking Act of 1973, but this means that it’s an offence to describe an un-hallmarked item as being made from precious metal. Each metal is legally required to weigh above a certain amount in order to be classed as precious metal – if it weighs under this amount, it doesn’t need to be hallmarked. We always follow laws and regulations when it comes to hallmarking. Every ‘dealer’ is also required to display the statutory notice on hallmarking, which you will find in our workshop.
In short, hallmarking is a sure sign of a high-quality piece of jewellery.

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