Proposing on a Leap Year

In most cultures, it’s traditionally the man of the relationship who proposes to the woman. But once every four years, there’s one day when the tradition reverses and the woman becomes the one getting down on one knee – a leap year! This seemingly modern gesture has actually been around for a long time, starting out as an old Irish folklore tradition. Ever since, thousands of women on the 29th February, every 4 years, have been popping the question.

A leap year is a great twist on a conventional proposal, but what about the ring? Typically, men don’t wear engagement rings, so if you’re planning a leap year proposal this year, you may be wondering how to do it, what to do it with or how to go about getting the ring together at a later date.
At The Goldsmithy, we love meeting new people all the time, hearing their stories and helping them create a ring that uniquely suits them. And this year, we can’t wait to meet new couples with the stories of their leap year proposals.

But where to start?
As the idea of designing your own bespoke engagement ring becomes more desired, it’s becoming more and more popular, even for the man, to propose without a ring and design it at a later date. But a man will typically have more options for something to present in its place, such as flowers, chocolates or even an empty box. While these are all fine ideas, you may be looking for a less feminine option when proposing to your boyfriend, or perhaps you don’t fancy getting down on one knee yourself.

Try taking a look at our little list of leap year proposal tips for a helping hand:

Tailor it to his interests or hobbies
Whether he’s a fisherman or football player, planning your proposal around his hobbies is a great way to propose to a man. Remember, an unexpected note that says ‘will you marry me?’ is always a good one – it’s simple yet effective. You could tie your note to the end of a fishing rod, have it printed on a sports shirt, or he may not have a particular hobby, in which case why not tie it to the collar of a pet or simply leave it on the fridge for him to find? Sometimes simplicity is best.

Think about the location
Location is important. Again, if he’s a sports fan, for example, you could propose at a game and make it one of his most memorable matches! Or you may both have a favourite ‘spot’ such as where you first met, your favourite holiday destination or a beloved restaurant. It’s always nice to make a sentimental location even more special with a proposal.

Keep it basic
There’s nothing wrong with a more basic proposal. If he has a favourite meal, you could cook it for him at home and propose over dinner. And if proposing at home doesn’t sound like your ideal setting, why not pop the question during a comfy evening by the fire?
There’s no pressure to get down on one knee either if you don’t want to – lots of people choose not to these days! The moment will be just as magical either way.

However you propose, The Goldsmithy are here to help you design the perfect rings for you afterwards. We can get your engagement rings created if you choose to have one, or your wedding bands sorted for you to complete your story as a couple. Don’t forget, we also offer the chance to get behind the bench and make your mark on your ring for a special added touch to your journey!