Recycling Old & Dated Jewellery

There’s much more to bespoke jewellery than designing jewellery from scratch. For many of our wonderful customers, storytelling is always at the forefront of the design. All jewellery has a story, whether it be the creative journey of the piece itself or the sentiment and memories behind it.

Something we specialise in at The Goldsmithy is sentimental jewellery containing fond memories and milestone moments. Whether you’ve inherited some old family heirlooms or your own jewellery is simply starting to look a bit dated, we’re here to help you reinvent and modernise the design without compromising the sentimental value.
You can keep the stones or even have the same metal melted and remade into something new, it’s entirely up to you how much you change. However you decide to change the look of your jewellery, we will take the time to hear the meaning behind it and help you pour your story back into the new design.

This is a popular choice for many different occasions. You may be interested in creating a piece of memorial jewellery to remember a loved one – in which case, recycling inherited family heirlooms and turning them into something you can wear can be a perfect way to do this.

It’s also very popular to update wedding and engagement rings after time. The rings themselves have so much meaning, but we’re only human and as fashion trends change we may grow tired of the same old rings. Rather than replacing them entirely, it can be a lovely experience for couples to bring the rings to us to be revamped without altering too much of the original design (unless you want to!).

Recycled jewellery in a recycled workshop

We’re big fans of renovation projects here at The Goldsmithy and we are proud to say that a lot of our furniture, tools and workspaces are also recycled.

We find a lot of older, traditional tools are sturdier and higher-quality, so we love to use recycled tools to ensure your jewellery is made in the best possible way using the best possible tools.
But besides this, a lot of our workshop furniture is made with recycled, repurposed wood. Our consultation table, some workbenches and even our lunch table have all be recycled and made into something new  – some of which we’ve even worked on ourselves!
In today’s throw-away society, we feel proud to re-use whatever materials we can, without compromising on quality.

At The Goldsmithy, we pride ourselves on ensuring all of our customers leave with a smile on their face and a beautiful bespoke jewellery design. If you’re holding onto some old meaningful jewellery that you can’t help but wish you were able to wear, then our workshop is the perfect place for you to come and turn it into something new.
From the design process to watching your jewellery come to life, we provide a unique, special experience in our sustainable workshop.