How a Bespoke Piece of Jewellery can help you find peace through Losing a Loved One

At the Goldsmithy, we offer the special service of creating bespoke bereavement jewellery to help cherish the memory of a loved one – whether it be redesigning a family heirloom, or designing something new that reminds you of your time together.

We believe in providing excellent customer service and creating jewellery to perfectly match the concept of the initial design. Based in Bedfordshire and near Milton Keynes, we also provide complimentary consultations to all customers, so even if you don’t know quite how to start the design, we will guide you through the process and help you any way we can.

The design can be any piece of jewellery you desire, even if you have an heirloom that you’d like us to modify, we can still turn a certain type of item or accessory into something different. And if jewellery doesn’t seem like the right choice for you or doesn’t quite complement their memory, then we can make something a little unique, such as a bespoke pen or cufflinks, instead.

We can also offer the option to have the ashes of a loved one encased into bespoke pendants or rings if you wish – a wonderful way to always keep them close.

Why bereavement jewellery?
Many people find a bespoke piece of jewellery to be a touching way to honour someone’s memory. But if you’re on the fence, unsure about bereavement jewellery, or just need a little bit more information, here are some of the ways it can help you find peace and hold onto precious memories.

It can help you remember how they impacted your life.
Remembering not only them but how they affected your life, is important for many people during the process of losing someone close. Your bespoke item can be designed with certain aspects of their personality, beliefs or the relationship you shared included. So that every time you wear it, or simply look at it, you could be reminded of all the wonderful things that made them special to you. It may be newly designed, but it’s still full of sentiment.

It’s a small way of continuing their legacy.
This is especially the case when re-designing something passed down to you from your loved one. It may be something that they held onto every day or something they kept in a special place but often liked to admire. But heirlooms of any kind tend to be a touching memorial of someone you miss. For some, re-inventing these items slightly is a nice way to turn that heirloom into something that you can wear today, rather than keep locked away for safe-keeping.

It can help you hold them close.
Having an object that you can wear or hold onto is a lovely way of keeping them close to your heart. Having their ashes encased into jewellery is a very sentimental way to do this, but any bespoke design will help you hold them close. It may be that you design a pendant to literally hang close to your heart, or a ring that you wear as an eternity symbol. Whatever your choice, you’ll always feel close to them by creating something you can hold onto every day from their memory.

Please feel free to contact us at The Goldsmithy for any more information, or to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.