August Birthstone: Peridot and Sardonyx

It’s that time of the month again where we have found ourselves another month into the year! August babies, you actually have two birthstones! Peridot and Sardonyx, many of you probably already know this but what can you tell us about them? We’re giving the rundown of both stones so you know more about them! You might want to include them into a piece of bespoke jewellery at the end! 


Cleopatra Actually Wore Peridots

In Ancient times, Egypt was the primary source of the Peridot! It has been said that Queen Cleopatra used to wear the Peridot gemstone and not the Emerald as previously believed! This is because travellers at the time were not familiar as it was a rare stone and mistook it for the one that they already did know!

Peridot is Mined Across The World

Egypt made the Peridot famous but it’s not the only place that it can be mined! American Peridot mines are located in Arkansas, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii. There are also Peridots found in Australia, Kenya, China, Brazil, Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. The Peridot can also been found in pallasite meteorites!


The Original Birthstone

When being asked about the August birthstone Peridot might be the first one to be thought of! However, a few years ago, Sardonyx was the only birthstone! Peridot was added and thus became the primary gem! 

Finest Examples of Sardonyx

The finest examples of Sardonyx display sharp contrasts between layers. They can be found in India but other sources include Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Madagascar, Uraguay and the US!


If all this talk has got you wishing to create, and design your own piece of jewellery which includes your birthstone, get in touch for your FREE consultation. You can incorporate it into a necklace, ring or even a new bracelet! You might already have a stone in an unworn piece of jewellery at home. You can even recycle it and turn it into a new piece of jewellery you’ll love to wear! Be part of the process, and come and have a go at the bench – an extra special birthday treat!