How to keep your Jewellery Clean!

Keeping your jewellery clean can become a chore but it does mean your jewellery will remain at its finest. Here’s some tips to keep your jewellery gleaming, especially those new pieces you might have received over the festive period.

Keeping your gold jewellery clean

Keeping Gold Clean 

Over time your Gold jewellery can tarnish, especially if it is being worn all the time while you are doing your everyday jobs! The best way to clean the jewellery is with a little bit of washing up liquid. Fill a bowl with some warm water and add a couple of drops of washing up liquid, leaving the jewellery to soak for a few minutes. Once you have let it soak, remove and gently rub a toothbrush over it to remove any dirt and grime.

Keeping Silver Clean 

Keeping your silver clean is a little bit trickier than Gold. If your Silver is very tarnished then it is recommended that you get a professional to clean it for you, however you can still do it yourself if there is little tarnishing. Polishing works best if it is slightly tarnished – you can also use some soap and water if just polishing it doesn’t work. Simply mix some warm water and ammonia and phosphate free dish washing soap, this should get your silver back to its normal shine.

Keeping Diamonds Clean 

You should clean your diamonds as regularly as twice a week. Diamonds are easy to clean – just mix some warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid, let it soak and then gently rub a toothbrush over it to remove any dirt. You should aim to get the back of the diamonds as this is where the most dirt will build up. You should also only use a new toothbrush that is dedicated to cleaning your jewellery.

The Goldsmithy Services – Cleaning and Polishing

If you are worried about cleaning your jewellery, or are not sure about how to give it the best care, then pop in to see us, or you can contact us. We offer a couple of services, you can choose from a clean and shine service, or a file and polish. Whatever your jewellery needs, we will help you with them.