Taking Part


We are no longer able to offer the taking part service. This is due both to covid and the fact that we now work from my home

Here at The Goldsmithy Ltd we offer you what few others do, the opportunity to take part in the design of your piece of jewellery that we can make for you.
Whether you’re experienced with design or have never done one in your life, this experience offers you an insight into how hand-made jewellery is crafted.

jewellery making
When you come in you will leave your own personal mark on your piece by doing some designing which will make you appreciate the skill of the trade and enhance the uniqueness of your commission. Knowing you have helped it through its journey from a drawing to a piece of rough metal to the shiny breathtaking thing you will love, makes this much more than a piece of jewellery.

We will at your request take photos for you to add to the provenance of your piece.

We are passionate about our trade and enjoy answering any queries you have to help you better understand the process.
We look forward to seeing in the near future

jewellery makingjewellery making