April Birthstone: Diamond

Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend – especially if you were lucky enough to have been born in April as Diamond is in fact your birthstone. Here’s some facts you might not know:

Diamond is in fact the hardest gemstone

Diamonds are made from just one element: carbon which is what makes it so tough. Due to the structure of the gemstone it is thought to be 58 times harder than anything in nature. Just one of the reasons it is so popular for engagement and wedding rings – however, it is also very popular and appropriate for everyday wear, not just for those special moments.

Diamonds can be bought in many different colours

You might think that diamonds can only be bought colourless, but this is not in fact the case, diamonds can be found in many different colours including yellow, red, pink, blue and green. They can also range in colour intensity – the more intense the colour the rarer the stone. This could make the stone cost more than a colourless diamond of a similar size.

Diamonds have been admired for many centuries

Diamonds have been around and admired for many years – it is estimated that it was traded as early as 4 BC! The process of a diamond forming below the Earth’s crust and forced upwards until uncovered is just one of the reasons as to why it is so admired. Throughout it’s history it has almost always symbolised eternal and lasting love, which is why it is so popular for engagement rings.

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