Have you thought about wearing a man-gagement ring?

Man-gagement ring – what’s one of those you ask? Well simply put, it’s an engagement ring worn by a man!

Popular culture and the media has recently brought this idea to the forefront with Ed Sheeran seen wearing a silver engagement ring made for him by his fiancée. He spoke out stating he never saw why men didn’t wear commitment rings, because it’s the same commitment either way. He’s not the first either with Michael Bublé and Tom Daley both seen wearing rings on their fingers before marriage.

While it still might be rare to see a man wearing an engagement ring in the UK, in Sweden and Chile both men and women receive engagement rings and in Argentina the couple exchange rings upon getting engaged, not at the wedding ceremony.

A few years ago, a study by XO Group found that five per cent of men wear engagement rings, but there are signs that this trend is growing with Pinterest seeing a 280% increase in ‘saves’ year-on-year for images of ‘Male Engagement Rings’.

There has also been a surge in women proposing to their future partner, and while not all like the idea of a ring why not present him with something else bespoke like a set of cufflinks that will last a lifetime. If you do decide on a ring, unlike women who tend to stack their engagement and wedding ring, many men move their engagement ring to their right hand after the big day, so they can still wear both.

If you want to pop the question to your man or just like the idea of have a male engagement ring, we can handcraft this here at The Goldsmithy. There is a 6-8 month lead time on any commission, but you can create something completely bespoke and decide what colour metal and stone you’d prefer, just like any women’s engagement ring. Call us today to arrange your free consultation.