Men’s Wedding Rings

It isn’t every day you get to make wedding plans with your partner but choosing the wedding ring you want to wear every day for the rest of your life is tough! There are so many factors to take into consideration and so many styles to consider, The Goldsmithy are here to help you design a bespoke wedding ring that you’ll love for a lifetime.

There are so many options for men and many different things to think about – even though you’re not often aware of it!

Think about the metal

First, you need to think about what metal you would like your wedding ring to be made from. It will influence the way your wedding ring looks as well as determining the price and the care that will be needed to keep it looking it’s finest.

Many men think of titanium when they choose their Wedding Band due to the strong factor but as they are machine made it can make them very difficult to resize later on should this need to happen.


This is often thought of as a hard metal but in fact, it is just as soft as other precious metals. Where it is much denser than other precious metals it can stand more of a hard life which is why it can be a good alternative to titanium if you’re predicting your ring having a hard life. The silver-white metal – once known as “white gold” polishes up to a gunmetal colour which many men like the strong look of.

18ct Gold

Gold for men’s wedding rings is the perfect alternative to modern day styles, making yours a truly classic piece. It’s a timeless choice that will never go out of fashion. Having played a major role in cultural and religious ceremonies for many centuries, it has always been a popular choice.

Precious Metals don’t corrode but due to everyday wear they will naturally dull over time but a professional polish twice a year and with monthly upkeep you can keep your ring looking as good as new every day.


Modern or Traditional?

With recent trends, it has become increasingly popular for men to include diamonds in their wedding ring rather than choosing a plain and subtle design. The diamonds add an alternative look also making it stylish and makes for an eye-catching piece.

The classic plain wedding ring design hasn’t lost popularity amongst men and will amongst us for years to come. If you’re looking for something traditional and won’t go out of fashion, the classic wedding band is for you.

With The Goldsmithy there is also the choice to have a custom hand engraved design on your Wedding Band. This gives you the opportunity to look into classic traditional patterns, Celtic designs to show ancestry or even aspects of your favourite art designs, characters or even tyre treads!

Men’s Wedding Bands tend to have a harder life due to jobs being more physical making them look worn a lot quicker than a women’s ring – some men prefer this look. With this in mind, we can give your Wedding Band a pre-worn look from subtle frosted/satin all the way to a deep scarred bark effect.

If your Wedding band is the first piece of jewellery you will wear – it could take a bit of getting used to! You might play and fiddle with it, a spinning ring could be an option for you if you think this will be a problem. You can even include different effects or pattern on the inner ring compared to the outer ring! The possibilities are endless…


Do you want to have matching wedding rings?

A question that every couple have to ask and answer is – to match or not to match? With different styles and so many different options, deciding on wedding rings to match that both of you love can be a challenge. If you would still like to have a matching element why not opt to match the metal, stone or the finish, so each wedding ring is personal to you and will each of your personalities.


If you would like some inspiration, visit our gallery or alternatively if you’re ready for the next step and wish to discuss your ideas with the team at The Goldsmithy, contact us. Don’t forget you’ll be invited in during the making of your wedding ring to have a go at the bench making it even more personal. PLEASE NOTE: There is typically a 6-8 month lead time for our commissions so please bear this in mind to make sure they are ready for your special day!