To have and to hold – designing your own wedding bands

So, you’ve booked the venue, sent the invites, she’s found “the dress” and now it’s time to pick your wedding bands!

The centre piece of your big day is the exchange of rings and we believe your wedding bands represent a truly personal symbol of love and commitment that is as individual as you. So why not start your journey together by creating beautifully crafted wedding bands that will last a life time.

Here at The Goldsmithy we can create truly bespoke bands for you both, that won’t break the bank. A big misconception is that bespoke wedding bands will be more expensive than your high street jewellers, but this isn’t the case. If you have a budget in mind we can work to this and still create a ring unique to you.

There is a 6-month lead time from the design to the finished ring, where you will walk away with a ring nobody else will have.

We’ve put together the key things you should think about to bring your wedding bands to life.

Gather your ideas

Creating an image bank or mood board is a great place to start. Are you a fan of white gold, silver, or is a more modern rose gold your metal of choice? Also think about textures, stones you may want to include and any special aspects like engravings. If you already have a design in your head why not have a go at sketching it.

You might even want to consider the shape of your engagement ring as your wedding band can be custom fit to flow around the setting.

As well as looking at other rings, think about what inspires you and search for imagery from literature, nature, architecture, places you’ve visited or anything you love. When you come into the shop we can discuss how all these can be incorporated in the design, allowing us to design a ring you’ll truly love.

Consider mismatched rings

If you both find yourself liking different styles don’t worry! Mismatched wedding bands is a growing trend between couples. Pairing different metals together can look great; what’s most important is that your individual personalities are reflected in the rings, this way you’ll look forward to wearing it every day.

Sentimental value

As an ethical company we enjoy the recycling of old jewellery. By melting the metal down and using it in your new ring you retain the sentimental value and will also help if you have a limited budget.

If you have a family heirloom that is sitting in the back of a draw at home, we can incorporate this into your design. It doesn’t even need to be a ring, anything from stone in a bracelet can be given a new lease of life in your wedding band and make it priceless to you.

Make your mark

Here at The Goldsmithy, we offer all our customers the opportunity to take part in the making of your jewellery at no extra cost, something very few others do. This is such a special experience and a day to remember alongside the wedding itself.

Find out more about getting involved in the making process here, and contact us today to arrange your free consultation to bring you one step closer to saying your ‘I do’s’.