Thought about Jewellery Cleaning for a Valentine’s Day Treat This Year?

Valentine’s Day is almost here again! We’re sure your all thinking about what to get for your partner…so, why not visit The Goldsmithy and do something with extra sparkle this year?

Bring in your loved one’s jewellery to be professionally cleaned to return it to its original shiny state so they can fall in love with it once more!

Jewellery isn’t always cleaned but it is actually quite surprising on how often it should actually be maintained as a preventative to damage.

Cleaning your jewellery regularly will not only help to keep it looking as good as new but it will also help to keep your stones in place. Dirt behind your stones can begin to loosen the stones in your jewellery which could cause you to have them replaced! 

Here at The Goldsmithy we offer two different cleaning services:

Dent and Scratch

Our dent and scratch cleaning service removes any dinks or scuffs which appear in our jewellery with daily life. Dent and scratch removal starts from £20 – not a lot more than a bunch of flowers! The dent and scratch removal will last a lot longer as well as make it like new again!

Clean and Shine

Clean and shine is simply giving the jewellery a clean-up and to make it glisten again – just as if it was brand new again! The clean and shine service is just £10.

If The Goldsmithy can help you this Valentine’s Day, get in touch or pop in and visit us for a chat!