Place Your Bid for the Willen Hospice Silent Auction

We’re hosting an evening raising money for Willen Hospice and have created 6 limited edition pieces to auction, with all the proceeds donated to charity.

If you couldn’t make the event, fear not! You can place your silent bid and win one of the 6 one-off pieces, which includes the coin to commemorate MK50.

How do you bid? Simple…

  1. Select the limited edition item you’d like to place your bid on and take note of the item number
  2. Email with:
  • Your Name
  • Contact Number
  • Item Number
  • Your BID

3. Hit send and viola! We’ll contact you if you’re the highest bidder


MK50 Coin
Item Number: 1
Limited Edition Coin to commemorate MK50 (Reserve Bid £500)
MK50 Coin Willen Hospice
Reverse of coin
Silver necklace
Item Number: 2
Round Silver Pendant
Item Number: 3
Silver Heart Pendant
Item Number: 4
Square Cufflinks
Item Number: 5
Silver Stud Earrings
Silver earrings Silent Auction
Item Number 6:
Silver Earrings

Happy Bidding! Thank you for supporting such a fantastic charity!