We are Goldsmiths, Not Jewellers

Goldsmiths Milton Keynes“I find myself speaking the words of my father,

We are Goldsmiths, not Jewellers

We are the grubby handed smiths that make the shiny precious things sought after and cherished so dearly. Not the smart looking folks that sell your the trinkets that haven’t made.

I can whole heartedly appreciate the luck I had in having a Father who wanted to pass on his passion for making things. The pride you feel from using your hands to create..

Over the years I have developed this passion  while understanding the importance of a hard days graft that leads to the thing you are proud of.

When you buy from a smith you know his whole heart has gone into a creation he puts his name to.

Most of the time I have smears marks on my face from polishing, or burnt holes in my clothes from the acid we use which shows the state of a person whose has worked hard in his trade.

I am a Goldsmith, a diamond in the rough.

Written by Paul Chapman