What to buy the man who has it all this Father’s Day?

It can be a tricky task to buy the old man something he both likes and needs for Father’s Day, which falls on the Sunday 17th June. He probably has enough stripy socks and ties to last him a lifetime! So, when it comes to celebrating this year why not create something extra special with him here at The Goldsmithy. Need some inspiration? Here are our top Father’s Day gift ideas.

Tie Pin’s

This stylish accessory will last a lifetime. Why not get it made in the shape of something meaningful to your Dad, like the owner of this parachute commandos tie pin. You can even make it extra special by getting his initials engraved. If a pin isn’t his style we can make lapel pins instead.

Father's Day Gift Ideas The Goldsmithy


Cufflinks are one of the most classic gifts for dad’s, but why not create your own twist by incorporating a family heirloom into them. This customer surprised her husband-to-be by having these beautiful cufflinks made! These were also engraved with his initials making them truly one of a kind. We can melt down old jewellery to create your new piece while retaining sentimental value.

Father's Day Gift Idea's The Goldsmithy


A gift that is always a winner is a watch. In the world of precious metals, watch making is considered one of the highest skills due to the time taken to reach the perfection needed for workability and continuation of the tradition. Due to this a watch can take up to a year to handcraft due to the collaboration of people involved. Take a look at the stages towards creating this jewellery type.

Father's Day Gift Ideas The Goldsmithy


A dying art, just like goldsmithing, is putting pen to paper and writing a letter. Remind your pops of the good ol’ days by commissioning a beautiful, bespoke pen that can also be engraved. We can create any pattern or design; the only limitation is your imagination!

Father's Day Gift Ideas The Goldsmithy

Even better, whatever you decide on, you get the opportunity to come in and make your mark on the piece together. You’ll take to our work bench get to have a go at some of the processes we use, and get to work on your commission, adding something else extra special to your gift. And, this way he’ll get the best gift of all… getting to spend time with you!

Feeling inspired to give your dad a truly unique Father’s Day gift? Get in touch to arrange a free consultation with your Dad and help design something meaningful to him. We can’t wait to bring ideas to life! All our commissions take on average 6-8 months to complete but last a lifetime.