Bereavement Jewellery

Memories with loved ones are incredibly precious, even more so at a time of loss and bereavement. You might be looking for Memorial jewellery in remembrance of the loved one you’ve lost, The Goldsmithy understand how important and irreplaceable these pieces can be.

Wondering what to do with your loved one’s jewellery or remains?

You might have sentimental pieces of jewellery in a drawer that are loved but not your style. With The Goldsmithy you can re-use the gold and create a bespoke design that you will love and cherish to wear once again. You’ll be updated throughout the making of your bespoke piece, so you can see progress and even make any changes if you would like too! The chance to have a go at the bench with Paul and Glenn is also offered so you can make the sentimental piece even more special by adding your mark.

We can also encase ashes into custom pendants or rings to keep your loved ones close to you if you wish.

Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold Bespoke Pocket Watch Pendant

Paul Chapman – apprentice at The Goldsmithy, recently created a Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold Bespoke Pocket Watch Pendant using a watch that had been passed down from a Grandmother’s 21st birthday back in 1946. It was loved but sat hidden in a drawer. The pocket watch now sits encompassed by two doors. The back door is a celebration of Gladys, the Grandmother, whilst the front door represents Annie, the Granddaughter. You can read more about the Pocket Watch Pendant here.


The heirloom is loved once again and is very sentimental to Annie who loves to wear the pendant every day, having her beloved Nan close.

If you are ready to create bespoke jewellery in memory of your loved one, contact The Goldsmithy today. PLEASE NOTE: All of our pieces are handcrafted by expert Goldsmiths and we typically have a 6-8-month lead time for commissions. If you have a special date in mind for your piece to be created, please bear this in mind.