Engagement Ring Quality

Engagement Ring Quality

Buying an engagement ring is one the most important purchases you’ll make in your life. It might not have the same financial commitment as a house or car but there is a greater emotional commitment for you and your partner. Buying a quality engagement ring will be high on the agenda so understanding a little about what you’re about to have made or purchase is important. So often we hear men purchase rings from a high street jeweller without much knowledge about the quality of the ring, or the company they are purchasing from.

With the highly skilled team here at The Goldsmithy, we truly understand the importance of having a quality engagement ring – one every woman would wear with pride. There’s a myth that bespoke means big bucks which is not always the case. Our Goldsmiths based in Milton Keynes can bring your ideas to life by designing a handmade engagement ring to meet your budget. Our team will talk you through the different metal types and stones to make sure you get it right.

You can have a bespoke engagement ring made and keep costs down by recycling unworn jewellery – a popular service at The Goldsmithy! If your loved one has a piece of unworn jewellery – whether it’s a piece that’s no longer their style, or something passed down from family, we can use the materials to create a quality engagement ring your fiancé to be, will wear every day for the rest of her life. This process retains the sentiment of the original piece and allows you to either keep costs down or spend more money on the quality of the diamond as we will add additional gold, silver or stones to meet your requests and budget.

We will only use the best materials and pride ourselves with our talented team of Goldsmiths. Glenn has been in the trade for over 46 years and was one of the last trained by the original Cartier London family, so your ring will be made by only the best!

As part of the package here at The Goldsmithy, we offer you the opportunity to take part in the making of your piece, one of the very few places to offer this. You don’t have to be experienced with tools as Glenn and Paul Chapman will both be on hand to guide you through the process, so you can see your ring being made through each step of the process. The best part is you’ll be able to create your loved one has always dreamt of, but you’ll be able to do it alongside each other. Contact us to book in a FREE consultation.