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Milton Keynes Goldsmiths, Glenn and Paul Chapman can bring your ideas to life by designing handmade jewellery,  bespoke wedding rings and engagement rings to meet your budget. Using traditional methods, together Father & Son Goldsmiths will create a piece of bespoke jewellery that is meaningful to you or the person you are gifting it to
– you can even have a go at the bench to put our own mark on your beautiful piece to make it even more special!

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From Wedding Bands and Engagement rings to Earrings and Pendants, view our previous creations to get some inspiration for your own handmade jewellery in Milton Keynes. Bespoke doesn’t have to mean ‘expensive’ – we offer recycling of unworn jewellery so you can create something you will wear for a lifetime and retain the sentiment of the original piece. We’ll simply add gold, silver or stones to meet your requests and budget.

 Handmade jewellery Milton Keynes Make your own wedding rings

We offer you the rare opportunity to take part in the making of your piece jewellery with us. Whether you’re experienced with tools or have never
picked up one in your life, this experience offers you an insight into how hand-made jewellery is crafted.

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Proposing on a Leap Year

Proposing on a Leap Year

In most cultures, it’s traditionally the man of the relationship who proposes to the woman. But once every four years, there’s one day when the tradition reverses and the woman...
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How can I have something bespoke made?

How can I have something bespoke made?

The idea of having your jewellery bespoke made can be a daunting thought. And we understand it can be scary. Normally when you shop for jewellery, you have the finished...
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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently unable to take repairs, only shanks and re-builds. Thank you for your patience.

Find out more about our bespoke jewellery and how you can even have a go at the bench! Contact us.

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