Recommendation by Christel Friberg

Christel Friberg

“When my boyfriend proposed, he didn’t have a ring for me. Instead he had an appointment to go and see Glenn to design my own ring – imagine how excited I was! Not only was I going to design my own ring, but it would be unique and unlike any other ring. I had an idea of what kind of style ring I wanted but didn’t know how to translate that in to an actual design – this is where Glenn really helped. He sketched up what it could look like and together we found something that I was really happy with. While Glenn was making the ring, I got to see it along the way and follow the process.
I picked up my ring yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful – just what I wanted and truly unique. But what also means a lot to me is that my ring now has a story; I haven’t just picked it out amongst hundreds of others in a shop but I have pictures of how the ring has taken shape, step by step, as well as sketches and notes that Glenn has made along the way. Thanks Glenn for all your help.”