Bespoke Jewellery

The traditional path to owning a piece of jewellery was to commission a smith to make it for you. At The Goldsmithy we pride ourselves in keeping the traditional methods and values of jewellery making alive.

Join Glenn and Paul Chapman for a free consultation where we start by guiding you through the design process. During this consultation, we’ll guide you through the process and help you design a piece bespoke to you. When considering how your piece will look we often say, “Don’t think about jewellery, what do you like? what inspires you?” Whether it is a passion, memory or a particular interest, by designing your own piece with our team, we’ll make sure it is truly personal and unique. We’ll also make sure you understand the possibilities within the parameters of the materials chosen and your budget.

A piece of jewellery goes through several stages before it becomes a beautiful piece that catches people’s eye. Goldsmiths are ultralight engineers and by coming to see your piece being made, you will understand why. By realising precious are re-usable materials that can be melted down your eyes can be opened to the world of possibilities.

The main advantage of you seeing your piece of jewellery as it is being made is that it lets you discuss any changes you would like making to your piece and making sure you are completely happy before the final stage of polishing it up to a high sheen is started.